Crop the image or Resize the image to any size

You might be searching a very simple tool to crop or resize image, then you are at the right place to get your need fullfill, Picstouch is very simple , lightwiegth tool to crop the image and you can also resize to any size. You can use this tool to create a wonderful display pic to upload in social networking website, You can use cropping tool to remove unwanted part of the image.

Browse your photo for cropping and resizing

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  Resize Image to any size                  Enter the value in percentage            Image Quality       

 Rotate by 90 degree                                                                           

 Flip the imagep;                                                      

 Crop : For cropping first upload the image and select the region which you want to crop, you can also move the crop region throughout the image.

Resize: For resizing any image you have to pass the option of resize in percentage. if you want to resize the image half in both the direction then you just need to pass the 50% in given window.

 Rotation : For rotation you have option of rotating image clockwise or counter clockwise by 90 degree.