Remove the noise from image

If your captured photo is not in good quality i.e. it's blured or dark then Picstouch gives some tool to improve your picture quality . You can use picstouc tool to deblur or improvise the picture quality.

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Image Dimension :  Width       Height :      PixelFormat:


 Select one of the filter to remove noise/blur                                                              

Sharpen the image                                                                                                                       

Light up the dark image                                                                                                                

                     Gamma Value (1.0 to 10.0)                

 Improve the picture quality : Sometime you find that your capture image is not upto the mark, here you would find some tools to improvosise the picture quality. You try all avaiable option to see which one suits most to your picture. if you want to retain the previous debluring option then just click the save image option which replaces origional image with this one and now you can use another filters to keep improving the quality. You can download image by clicking the download button.