Write text on image

Picstouch also gives simple tool to add any text on image. Here you have options to configure text with font and size, you can also select any color to write text on image.

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Image Dimension :  Width       Height :      PixelFormat:


Text Alignment  Horizontally :     Value between 0 to Image width    Vertically :     Value between 0 to Image Height

Font  : Size     Style      Color    Text: :


Adding text in image : For adding any text on image you just upload the image and then slect the given option to configure your text font/style and type the text in text box which you want to see in uploaded image. once you are done with eveything then click the text button and wait for a while to see your text on image.

                  If you want to write again on the image then you have to save this image with text and then you can write something new on the image, you can repeat this as many times as you want. You can download image by clicking the download button.