What type of files are the best for professional editing?

The best editing files are RAW and TIFF, but I can deliver high-quality results from any other type of files, like JPG. If you are not sure about your files’ quality, please send them to me for a closer examination, and I will let you know.

What kind of files do you deliver as a final result?

I will provide 8 bit TIFF as a final image and JPG. If you need any other type of file, let me know, and I will provide them. The source file is not included in the price and we will have to discuss it before ordering.

How long does the download link valid ?

Download link will be valid for 1 month.

Can you guarantee the safety of the images?

Yes, we can! All the rights reserved. The photos won’t be shown up anywhere.

If I'd like to get several variations - how could I do that?

Please mention it while submitting the order.

If there are RAWs can you work with them?

Yes I work with the RAW files. The RAW files will give the possibility to edit your photos on the higher level and achieve the better results!

If there are any other questions what's the way to reach you?

I will be glad to help you almost 24/7 Just write in live chat. It is always possible to message me by using Contacts

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